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Water Softening

Protect plumbing and appliances and improve your quality of life with a water-softening system from Crossroads Plumbing Services. Our family-owned Yakima Valley plumbing company has been serving the region since 1997, providing competitively priced, professional soft water treatment and installation.

Advantages of a Water Softener


Are you aware of hard water challenges impacting your daily life? Tap and well water often contain high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Incorporating a water softener reduces these minerals, creating softer water. By softening your water, you can:


Reduce soap scum and mineral scale buildup

Hard water requires more soap to work well. This excess detergent causes buildup on fixtures, sinks, tubs, showers, washers, kettles, coffee makers, glassware, and more.

Spend less on cleaning products

Soft water allows detergents to lather more effectively, requiring less product for cleaning tasks. This makes it quicker and easier to remove dirt.

Improve skin and hair condition

Because soft water allows you to use less soap, it can prevent skin irritation and rashes. Soft water also removes scale buildup in hair, resulting in smoother, shinier locks.

Enjoy better water aroma and flavor

Water, tea, coffee, and prepared foods made with mineral-free soft water smells and tastes better.

Enhance water heater and boiler performance

Removing minerals with a home water softener system eliminates mineral buildup inside boilers and piping that could damage and eventually block heat transfer. In fact, soft water dissolves scale.


Types of Water Softeners


Our plumbing contractors can help you find the right soft water treatment system style and capacity for your home. We’ll test your water hardness, discuss how you want to use a water softener, filtration preferences, and how much water your family uses to determine the best water softening solution to meet your needs, including:


  • Water softening systems from Crusader

  • Salt-free water softeners

  • Drinking water systems

  • Specialty filtration for removing additional contaminants and minerals


Soft Water Installation and Replacement


We provide fast, professional soft water treatment and installation for existing homes and new construction. Protect your high-end bath or kitchen remodel with our affordable home water softening systems. All estimates include permits, necessary plumbing, and inspections. We can soften water delivered anywhere in your home, including sinks, refrigerators and freezers, showers and tubs, laundry hookups, water heaters, boilers, and more. Our water quality experts fine-tune every system we install to your water supply’s hardness level, ensuring efficient performance, less waste, and lasting use.  


Schedule a Free Water Softener Consultation


Manage hard water challenges with an affordable water softening system. Find the best soft water treatment solution for your household with help from Crossroads Plumbing Services.

Contact us at 509-929-5029 to get a quote on soft water system installation in Ellensburg, Zillah, Toppenish, Wapato, Prosser, Selah, Yakima, Sunnyside, and Grandview today.

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