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Kitchen Appliance Installation

Installing kitchen appliances in your home can be challenging. With help from Crossroads Plumbing Services, you can safeguard your appliance investment and ensure seamless, hassle-free kitchen appliance installation. Whether you need to replace a single worn-out appliance or remodel your entire kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Our appliance installation experts have the knowledge and skills to tackle even the most complex installation task, ensuring a fast, seamless setup.


We Can Install Any Kitchen Appliance


Save yourself the headache of deciphering complicated kitchen appliance installation instructions and troubleshooting installation issues. Let Crossroads Plumbing Services’ kitchen appliance installation professionals handle everything for you:


Refrigerator installation

Large, heavy refrigerators require precise, level installation for proper door alignment and cooling performance and to provide leak-free water and ice dispenser use.

Freezer installation

We can install even the heaviest freezers, identifying ideal locations away from heat sources to ensure proper airflow and optimal cooling for safe food storage.

Range and oven installation

Our certified appliance installers can add a 120 or 240-volt outlet or circuit for your new range or oven, install anti-tip devices, make gas line connections, and ensure proper ventilation for code compliance and safety.

Cooktop installation

We have the experience to alter your countertop for a precise cooktop fit, hook up gas and electrical, and install or replace necessary ventilation for optimal performance.

Wall oven installation

Wall oven installation requires precise measurements and secure mounting for safe use.

Dishwasher installation

Our professional kitchen appliance installers provide precision dishwasher installation, preventing water damage to cabinets and flooring with watertight utility and drainage connections.

Microwave oven installation

Built-in and over-the-range microwave models require sturdy wall support and adequate ventilation for safe, lasting use.

Wine cooler installation

Our kitchen renovation pros can install wine coolers seamlessly behind cabinetry or beneath countertops, ensuring ample ventilation for temperature and humidity control to prevent spoilage.

Trash compactor installation

We have the skills to securely install your trash compactor beneath the sink, ensuring leak-free, lasting use.

Home water softener installation

We specialize in water filtration, from specialty drinking water systems to softeners.


Our experienced kitchen appliance installers understand each appliance’s unique installation requirements, safeguarding your warranty. We install according to manufacturer guidelines and local building codes, providing reliable appliance installation that ensures safe, lasting use.


Our Home Remodelers Offer General Plumbing and Electrical Services


We can handle every aspect of new appliance installation, offering general plumbing services, gas, and electrical work to ensure a smooth process. Our experienced team can assist you with upgrading to appliances with new features or changing your kitchen layout, installing your first dishwasher or point-of-use water heater, upgrading to a refrigerator with water filtration and an ice maker, switching from gas to an eco-friendly electric range, and more.

Save Time and Headaches with Professional Kitchen Appliance Installation


Ensure your new kitchen appliances provide safe, lasting use. Upgrade to new kitchen appliances with confidence with help from Crossroads Plumbing Services. We provide trusted kitchen appliance installation in Ellensburg, Zillah, Toppenish, Wapato, Prosser, Selah, Yakima, Sunnyside, and Grandview. Contact us at 509-929-5029 for a quote on kitchen appliance installation services today.

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